Bar Chair Width Size And Shopping Tips

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Bar Chair Width Size And Shopping Tips

Many people design a small bar at home when they are renovating their homes. They need to choose bar furniture. These are used for friends to party, drink, and chat. It is very important to choose the right bar chair in addition to the bar design. There are a lot of styles and materials. You need to understand the width and size of the bar chair when you buy it. Let’s introduce the width of the bar chair by the small series of the decoration home network. How to choose the bar chair?

Bar Chair Width Size And Shopping Tips

First, the bar chair width size

1.The size of the bar stool has changed a lot, but the common ones are those. The standard bar chair width is 4246.592cm. In addition to this bar chair, the width of the bar chair also includes dimensions such as 444483cm, 455099cm, 454592cm, 394598.5cm.

2, bar bar chair size: single card seat sofa 1200 * 600 * 1050mm (length * width * height), single-sided card seat sofa 1200 * 600 * 1050mm (length * width * high), double-sided card seat sofa (four People card seat sofa) 120011001050mm (length * width * height), curved and round card seat sofa X * 600 * 1050mm (length * width * height, X is a specific custom size, need to follow the size of the arc and The radius of the circle determines). The seat of the deck is 450mm from the ground, the height of the table is 750mm, the distance between the table and the deck is 8-10cm, and the distance between the deck and the deck is 1750mm. There is also a straight strip card seat against the wall. It is Y6001050mm (length * width * height, Y is the specific custom size, it needs to be determined according to the wall length).

Bar Chair Width Size And Shopping Tips

Second, the bar chair selection skills

1, comfortable, you can sit for a long time – in addition to maintaining a good body curve, a chair must not be forgotten to sit comfortably, but to sit comfortably, the cushion is of course extremely important, in order to maintain flexibility Deformation, and because muscles are extremely important to support the body, so the excellent cushion naturally gives the body appropriate support, which can reduce fatigue.

2, the seat must conform to the three-dimensional surface of the human body curve – the curved seat can increase the contact area between the bottom of the thigh and the buttocks and the seat, so that the pressure is evenly dispersed, not concentrated at a certain point, and because of a slight tilt, there is also a stable pelvis The effect is to avoid sliding forward when sitting. In addition, the sleek seat design can also reduce friction and contact on the inside of the knee joint, which is beneficial to health.

3, fast, light, accurate height adjustment device – everyone’s height requirements are different, but because the height of the table is fixed, so whether the chair can adjust the height and good, it becomes one of the important conditions.

4, the area to buy, according to the material to buy a dining chair to avoid metal and leather texture, the metal’s cold will reduce the warm atmosphere of the meal. Leather is a valuable material, it will inevitably encounter splashing soup, and various The oil is dirty and the leather is not easy to clean. Therefore, the wooden chair is a safe choice to decorate the warm dining room with fabric decoration. The style and size of the dining chair can be selected according to the size and size of the restaurant and personal preference. If you have a large independent restaurant, you can choose an elegant and large dining chair. If you have a small area, you can purchase it. A folding dining chair is suitable.

The above information is the content of the bar chair width size and the bar chair selection technique introduced in this issue.

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