Bar Furniture – About The Bar Table And Chairs

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Bar Furniture - About The Bar Table And Chairs

In today’s society, the demand for bar furniture is gradually increasing, because more and more people will choose to go to the bar to release the pressure, so the layout of the bar is very important, it is necessary to buy some unique bar furniture, so as to decorate the bar very well. 

1. Features of the use of bar chairs As a bar chair for bar furniture, do you know what the height of the bar chair is? In our life, the design of bar chair must pay attention to its height, in fact, for the table, whether it is ordinary table and chair or special table and chair, its height requirements are relatively strict, this relates to the comfort of sitting posture, but also related to the convenience of users, for this reason we should pay attention to the height of the table and chair design requirements,
This is a fixed standard, for example, according to the requirements of the gold ratio, in general, the height of the chair should be about half of the table, if not up to this standard, it is uncomfortable to use.  

Bar Furniture - About The Bar Table And Chairs

2. Location of the bar layout Living room bar, living room is the core area of the room, generally decorated very well, he is the basis of bar furniture decoration, is essential.
Placed in the living room bar, give a strange sense of mood and leisure, the most economical and effective way is to use the light of the wrong fall, high-sitter bar stool is the most style of the scene, to create a casual atmosphere.
With the continuous development of society, the complete open kitchen bar design to achieve that beautiful and practical function, whether small or villa-type Angli can have different styles of kitchen bar, can be used as a small dining table, but also can chat and read.

Such a design can accommodate the presence of a few people, sitting in a high-footed bar chair drinking wine, chatting about the day, why is not a kind of enjoyment of life.  

3. Bar table and chair set The size and shape of the bar table and chair adapt and change with the home style and actual size. In the design of the bar stool should pay attention to three points, first of all, the bar bench and bar countertop should be kept at 0.
25m or so drop. When the bar countertop is higher, the corresponding bar stool seating surface is also higher, the second bar stool and bar bottom end landing, should be equipped with support foot support rod, such as steel pipe, stainless steel pipe or steps, etc. , the third higher bar stool should choose with the back form, sitting up will feel more comfortable.Pay attention to the tips, the home bar can play a great use.

In addition to the types of tables and chairs, should also pay attention to the height and slope of tables and chairs, in order to talk about a comfortable atmosphere, the height of tables and chairs must be appropriate. Due to the different style of the home, the size of its tables and chairs is not uniform specifications.
Here, for most of the general specifications used in the home bar to get the following data: the height of the table is generally around 75cm to 1m, the height of the seat should be about 45cm.

Bar Furniture - About The Bar Table And Chairs

4.What are the bar chair brands?

In fact, when we understand the price of bar chairs, also need to take into account the characteristics of different brands of products, such as some good brands, its design style is more refined, coupled with its material quality is guaranteed, so the cost of processing is also relatively high, of course, the price sold is not low, for this we should do a good job in this regard economic budget, at the same time, take into account individual needs.  

5. Bar Chair Shopping Tips

When buying bar chairs also need to understand the appearance characteristics, taking into account the need for decoration, we must pay attention to the aesthetic requirements of the design, the purchase of the best bar furniture can meet the requirements of beautiful design, especially in terms of dimensional design is also to have a standard range, otherwise in the placement will appear disharmonious phenomenon,
So we should have some control in this area when choosing tables and chairs.

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