Bar furniture – How To Arrange And Install Photo Walls

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Bar furniture - How To Arrange And Install Photo Walls

Today, people work under pressure, in the workday will go to the bar entertainment, so the demand for bar furniture is also growing, the purchase of unique bar furniture to decorate the bar, can bring more customers to the bar.

Bar wall in the decoration, the need for bar furniture to decorate, now there are many people with photos to decorate, but in the photo wall layout, do not know how to look good, and photo wall installation, what are the methods, these are not very understanding, then how to look good photo wall layout?Next small editor for everyone to introduce, I hope you in the decoration of the time reference.

 Bar furniture - How To Arrange And Install Photo Walls

I. How good-looking the photo wall layout

1. Photo wall arranged in the bar, first of all, we must determine the height of the hanging photo, the maximum hanging height and hanging in the lowest position. After confirming, then perform the flip chart.
Generally speaking, wall charts should be parallel to people’s sight.

2. Photo wall arrangement to determine the overall area of the photo wall to be hung, how many photo walls should be hung, and then view the photo wall around the reference objects, such as sofas, desks, consider color, proportion.
Must not be wider than the sofa.

3. Photo wall layout photo wall should be evenly distributed according to color and proportion, as well as width and length.
There may be too many differences between the top and bottom, for example, the upper part is very bright and the lower part is almost black and white.

4. The photo wall can be expanded around the photo, the photo contains the photo you think is best in the middle of the photo, the photo is scattered in a specific order.Photo wall as bar furniture decoration in the layout should be reasonable.

5.Use the box wire suspension method, which is to fix a rectangle or square and hang the photo in the figure.

6.Perform a wall map according to the orientation of the building, for example, along a staircase to a wall chart, or along a shoe rack.

7. The mid-line suspension method to determine the horizontal line on the wall to draw the painting. The horizontal line is a line parallel to our line of sight.
The photo hangs at a certain percentage above and below the horizontal line.

8. One of the easiest ways to hang a photo is to hang the photo symmetrically and define the axis of symmetry in the middle.
Depending on the color and area of the photo, it is symmetrical.

9.Use a section to suspend the photo and place the photo directly on the partition.

 Bar furniture - How To Arrange And Install Photo Walls

II.Photo Wall Installation Method

1. When the photo wall is installed, first make the photo smooth, be sure to remember that the photo is flat. Otherwise, after installing the photo wall in the future, I found that the photo was in the wrong position in the frame and I had to reinstall it once, which was not very troublesome. Before installing the photo, first remove the plastic protective film from the framed glass. Usually, there is a protective film on both sides of the glass. Remember to tear it down.
If your protective film is not torn off, the photo is not easily embedded.

2. When the photo wall is installed, the next step is to put the glass into the frame, be careful not to be scratched by the glass. Then place the decorated card on top of the glass and wrap the sides with a picture frame. Then put the photo we prepared in the frame and the back panel on the photo wall. We prepared and installed the photos.
The next step is to pin the picture frame to the wall.

3. When the photo wall is installed, and when we place the photo, we should pay attention to the installation steps of the photo frame. First, we use colored pushpins to secure the drawings and use the level to adjust the drawings to the level. Be sure to look good, or the frame on the photo wall will be paralysed.
Just look at the bubble level in the center, which means it’s a horizontal line.

4. When the photo wall is installed, then hit the wall nail with a hammer. Each frame can be used with a wall nail, enough to secure the frame.
In short, the photo frame is mounted on the horizontal line, which means that you have finished and the rest of the camera will be copied in this way.
Photo wall layout, do not know how to look good, and what installation methods, the above article is about the photo wall layout how good-looking and photo wall installation methods.

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