Bar Sofa What Style, Buy What To Pay Attention To

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Bar Sofa What Style, Buy What To Pay Attention To

Now people occasionally go back to the bar to relax, and bar sofa is the bar bar furniture, sofas not only to be consistent with the overall style of the bar, but also quality clearance, buy unique bar furniture, both to give guests a beautiful feeling and make guests feel comfortable.

So in the purchase of bar sofa when you must pay attention to and the style of the bar fit the problem, follow the small editor to see when the selection of sofas when there are other notes.

Bar Sofa What Style, Buy What To Pay Attention To

First, bar sofa style

1. American sofa emphasizes comfort, sitting will make people feel the sofa touch bondage. The American bar sofa emphasizes comfort and makes people feel gentle around.Many bar sofas are made entirely of the main frame and sponges of different hardness, and many traditional American bar sofas are still spring-and-sponge designs, making this bar sofa very durable.

2, Japanese-style sofas value comfort, nature and simplicity. The biggest feature of the Japanese bar sofa is the wooden armrests and compact design. This bar sofa is perfect for those who appreciate the natural and minimalist home style. The compact Japanese-style sofa shows a rigorous attitude to life.As a result, Japanese sofas are often used in some offices.

3. Chinese sofas are warm in winter and cool in summer, which is suitable for all seasons. The Chinese bar sofa features a solid wood frame and is exposed. The upper sponge pad can be replaced as needed.This flexible way makes Chinese bar sofas popular among many people: warm winter and cool summer, convenient and practical, suitable for China’s north-south temperature difference is larger.

4, European-style sofa emphasizes simple lines, suitable for modern home. The European bar sofa has a modern style, elegant colours and clean lines for most families. It is recommended that you can buy this bar sofa, this style feels good, and the decoration style is more affordable.
More popular are light-colored bar sofas, such as white and beige.

Bar Sofa What Style, Buy What To Pay Attention To

Second, bar sofa purchase common sense

1. Sofa skeleton, sofa skeleton is strong, which is related to its service life and quality assurance. The way to do this is to lift one end of the three-person sofa.Note that when the lift part is separated by 10 cm, the legs at the other end are off the ground and only the other side is off the ground, checking through.

2. The filling material of the sofa and the filling material of the bar sofa are the quality of the material, the specific method is to press the armrest and back rest of the sofa by hand. If the wooden frame is clearly felt, it proves that this set of sofa packaging density is not high, elasticity is not good enough.Small editor reminded that easy to press the sofa frame will also accelerate the wear of the sofa cover, reduce the life of the sofa.

3. Buy ingress sofa should check the elasticity of the sofa.This is done by letting your body sit freely on the sofa and bouncing your body at least twice through the sofa cushiontos to ensure that the sofa has a good elasticity and long life, so that such a bar sofa will last longer. Bar sofa purchase should pay attention to open the matching pillow zipper, observe and touch the lining and fill with hand; lift the sofa to see if the bottom has been carefully handled, whether the table legs are straight, whether the surface treatment is smooth, the bottom of the legs whether there are anti-slip pads, etc. The quality of high-quality bar sofa is also exquisite in detail, it is recommended that you feel the surface of the sofa by hand, whether the skin is irritating, observe whether the entire part of the fabric color is uniform, whether the joint saline is firmly flat, and work very well.
Bar sofas serve as bar furniture that can be personalized when needed, which means that furniture can be purchased bar furniture customization .

. The above is the small editor today introduced the bar sofa decoration style and buy common sense, if there is a related decoration or purchase intention of the small partners can read carefully, small editor believes that this will be a great help for everyone. If you want a relaxing living space, you can’t live without your own unique bar furniture, and a bar sofa you like will make a difference.

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