How Much Do You Know About The Bar Design Decoration?

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How Much Do You Know About The Bar Design Decoration?

The bar is a place of personality, the design of the bar to meet people’s feelings, through the design of a variety of colors and rhythms, but also by the purchase of unique bar furniture to create a suitable atmosphere of the bar.
Therefore, in the design of the bar to pay attention to the design concept and design of the program. 

How Much Do You Know About The Bar Design Decoration?

I. Bar design concept

Bar design for the bar’s theme culture and style positioning should be clear, bar culture is a variety of spiritual and cultural integration, to find their own positioning, but also to identify the target consumer groups, targeted to make adjustments to the bar, so that the bar clear theme, in the bar design highlightthed theme advantages, highlighting the value of the bar itself.

Bar design for the bar space structure is crucial, in the design should be emotional interaction, through the psychological space of people to divide the functional space of the bar, and then according to the functional requirements, reasonable arrangement of bar interior space, set the channel area, consumption area, bar area, interpretation area and the back kitchen area and other space, At the same time, according to the human flow line to form a central hot spot area.

Bar design is different from the general space design, the bar is relatively free, flexible are higher space design, can be very good to show the design of the sky in the space.

How Much Do You Know About The Bar Design Decoration?

Second, bar design decoration scheme

1, selected decoration style

Bar decoration style is many, such as Chinese, European and American style, modern minimalist style, retro industrial wind, utopian style, Korean style, Japanese style, fashion personality style, theme type and other styles, according to the previous positioning of consumer groups to make decoration design style positioning, looking for qualified decoration company design bar decoration effect map.

2, indoor functional layout

Want to operate a good bar, in the bar interior functional layout must do a good job, so that limited space to receive more guests, and with the bar’s business type layout zoning, such as bar, performance area, hall area, room, etc., to reasonable layout, moving decoration is necessary.

3, soundproofing measures

The bar is a place of music exchange and must have soundproofing.

In the choice of decoration to choose soundproofing effect of good materials, such as soundproofing cotton, doors and windows, walls, ceiling needs to have a sound ingressation effect.

4, lighting design

Bar decoration is common is the use of lighting to create an indoor atmosphere, different bar design style using different lighting, a small design element is the catalyst for the bar atmosphere, performance area, box, bar area and other different areas to create a different atmosphere.

5, soft decoration

The soft decoration of the bar is the common decoration method of bar decoration, the new soft decoration can shock your vision and touch, play the effect of painting dragon finishing, soft decoration can make the bar create a more bright atmosphere, let the space more dynamic.

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