How Much Do You Know About The Wine Cabinet Sits In The Bar Furniture?

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How Much Do You Know About The Wine Cabinet Sits In The Bar Furniture?

Now a lot of people in order to release the pressure of work and life, will go to wine entertainment, then, people are very important to the decoration and layout of bar furniture, the choice of unique bar furniture can bring a different feeling to the overall layout of the bar.

Now people’s life for the bar furniture is also very exquisite, the bar will be some will be placed wine cabinet, can be said to improve some bar taste, get a great improvement, now the market home furnishings wine cabinet style is very much, size height is not the same, so people need to have an understanding of this before buying.Understand the solid wood is the best bar furniture, the specific wine cabinet height is generally how much, the following small editor to introduce to you.

How Much Do You Know About The Wine Cabinet Sits In The Bar Furniture?

First. In general, the size of the wine cabinet should be designed to conform to the height of the human body, so that it is reasonable. Female users adapt to the height of 1.1-1.8 meters, male users adapt to gamble for 1.2-1.9 meters, thickness of about 0.3-0.4 meters, gap between about 0.3-0.4, the human body’s activity area of about 0.45 meters, Therefore, its overall design space should be about 1.06-1.27 meters.Of course, this is only a normal case, specific, but also according to their own needs to customize.

Second. In addition, the size of the wine cabinet can also be designed according to the amount of alcohol stored.

1.595 x 480 x 1610mm Storage 84 / 250ml

2.605 x 875 x 602mm Storage 54 / 250ml

3.598 x 605 x 1650mm Storage 90 / 250ml

4.595 x 600 x 970mm Storage 54 /168l

Third. In general, in the installation, must see how much size you need at home, and then to arrange customization according to the need, in addition, buy the finished product is the same, the size of the size must pay attention to grasp, it is recommended to measure the area of the home in advance, and then make a choice.

Fourth.What is the role of wine cabinets?

1. For many bars, the wine cabinet, which is bar furniture decoration in the bar, has become an indispensable landscape in the bar. it displays the different fine wines colorful, can make the restaurant add a lot of chinese colors, watching on the appetite.
In fact, wine cabinet (electronic wine cabinet) is not only a beautiful decoration in the family, but also will bring the family a mascot.

2. If you put the wine cabinet in your home, it will play the role of financial treasury. Master of the Sea God will sum up the following points from many years of experience for your reference. The wine cabinets are mostly tall and long, which is a symbol of the mountains, and the short, flat dining table is a symbol of water.In the restaurant there is “mountain” has “water”, there is a “home transport” symbolism.

How Much Do You Know About The Wine Cabinet Sits In The Bar Furniture?

Fifth. What should be noted in the placement of wine cabinets

1.The wine cabinet is placed on a flat and sturdy ground and evacuated from the packaging base to reduce vibration and noise, when moving, its tilt angle is not greater than 45 degrees.

2.Wine cabinet should be placed in a place free from direct sunlight and away from the heat source.

3.Wine cabinet should be placed in a well-ventilated place, including around the back should be left more than 10cm space.Don’t place the wine cabinet in an environment that is too cold to freeze.

4.Wine cabinet should not be placed in the place of heavy moisture or easy splashing water, splashed water and dirt should be cleaned with a soft cloth in time to prevent rust and affect electrical insulation performance.

The above content is the height of the wine cabinet is generally how much, there are some wine cabinet placement knowledge, these are in life will encounter problems, so we can get some more suggestions to use.

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