How Should I Buy A Wine Glass As A Bar Furniture?

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How Should I Buy A Wine Glass As A Bar Furniture?

It is important to buy the best bar furniture, and unique bar furniture can be enjoyed by consumers. For the people who open the bar, the choice of glass glasses is very elegant Oh, like white wine is suitable for drinking, and red wine is very elegant, so different wine applicable glass glass is very different, derived from a variety of glass glasses. So, what are the categories of glass glasses? How to choose a glass?

Below, small editor for you to share the variety of glass glasses, as well as their own purchase points, professional wine tasting people, this most complete glass wine glass purchase list.

How Should I Buy A Wine Glass As A Bar Furniture?

First. White wine glass

White wine is the most common Chinese table wine table, drinking white wine can not lack of liquor cup.
And the chemical nature of the liquor glass is relatively stable, put into the high liquor will not be dissolved and chemical reactions, and the price is relatively cheap compared to other, so it is a more common hotel liquor wine.

Shop strategies:
1, according to their own wine volume to choose a certain capacity of white wine glass, there are one or two glasses, two glasses, etc. , because according to the custom of Chinese, the general pour wine is full, if they are not very alcoholic, choose a small wine glass, it can also drink;

2, because the alcohol degree of liquor is relatively high, so try to choose the thickness to be suitable, strong liquor glass.

Second. Wine glass

Glass wine glass, the bottom has a grip, the upper body is deeper than the white wine glass, and more round and large, mainly used to hold red wine and use its cocktails.
Its cup body is thick, the edge of the cup is more solid, because its chemical properties are relatively stable, so use it to hold red wine will not change the flavor of red wine.

Shop strategies:
1, to confirm that the cup is best colorless transparent, cup belly is best undecorated, in order to see the original color of red wine, help to enhance the beauty of red wine;

2, the arc of the cup belly is best rounded, which helps to wake up wine and can make the aroma better release

How Should I Buy A Wine Glass As A Bar Furniture?

Third.Beer glass

Beer glass generally has handle, because the inside is relatively smooth, so when pouring beer can not friction, so will not be like disposable paper cups and plastic cups like a lot of foam, beer taste is also maintained better.
Glass beer cups vary in shape and capacity.

Buy strategy: 1, commonly used beer glass types have many kinds, choose the right beer glass can better reflect its flavor and characteristics, beer cup types are: flute-shaped beer cup, beer cup, Pearson cup, etc.;

2.The upper narrow, down-wide beer glass is suitable for slow taste.
Four. Wine glass Cup drinking a variety of foreign wine, with the corresponding wine glass, in order to complement each other, full of coordination.

In addition to wine glass, divided into: champagne glass, whisky glass, sherry glass, sweet wine glass and brandy glass, different types of wine glass its calibre and shape are different, corresponding to different wine style.

Buy strategy: 1, in general, the best choice of larger capacity of wine glass, so that in addition to loading wine, there is more space to join ice cubes, of course,

2.different types of wine, its capacity will be correspondingly different; And can observe the clarity of foreign wine.

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