How To Buy Unique Bar Furniture To Design A Good Bar?

Posted by admin on August 15, 2019 in Bar Furniture Customization

How To Buy Unique Bar Furniture To Design A Good Bar?

Nowadays a lot of people are tired after working, study, like the recreational place such as bar, so the bar Lin with a good condition does not open the bar furniture with distinctive choose and buy, can attract a person not only, and still can let a person feel relaxed inside.

So what kind of unique bar furniture should you buy to make the bar design attractive to customers? Follow below small make up to see how to choose the best bar furniture and bar how to design layout and bar design key points.

How To Buy Unique Bar Furniture To Design A Good Bar?

I.How to design the layout of the bar?

1.Design of bar logistics area.
The logistics area is mainly the kitchen, staff service counter, cashier desk and room. Emphasize moving line fluent, convenient and practical. This is mainly the design of the kitchen. The kitchen design of the bar is different from that of the general restaurant. Usually, the bar mainly provides alcoholic drinks. Add simple dim sum cooked food, the area that accordingly kitchen occupies 10% can.

2.Bar table area design.
Usually the bar will design a lot of different corners, so that every time the guests come to sit in a different place, the feeling will be completely different. Most bars are designed with flexible tables and chairs that can be assembled or disassembled by two or ten people.To do a good spatial layout, it can be bar furniture customization.

3.Interior space design of the bar.
The design of bar interior space is the fundamental content of bar design. Structure and materials constitute the space, lighting and lighting display space, decoration adds color to the space. In the operation, people are accommodated by space and infected by the arrangement of space, which is to meet the material requirements of people as well as the spiritual requirements of people and the essential characteristics of architecture. Want to choose and buy the best bar furniture according to the dimensional layout of the bar, such ability makes the dimensional layout of the bar reasonable.

How To Buy Unique Bar Furniture To Design A Good Bar?

4.Bar lobby design.
Whether consumers will come in depends mainly on the facade. The style and theme of the bar can be seen from the facade. The key to design is to increase consumer interest in the coming, creating a compelling highlight. Therefore, in the bar design, the foyer is an important and relatively special part.

5.Bar area design. The bar can be said to be the bar space, the selection of excellent materials, exquisite technology, in height, quality, luxury degree are the highlight of the space, the bar with materials can have marble, granite, wood, and stainless steel, titanium gold and other materials coordination, because of its small nature, the formation of different styles of the bar style.

Above is the bar how to design layout and bar design points of all the content, I hope the above content can help you! Want to know more about bar furniture, you can continue to pay attention to me.

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