In The Bar Furniture, The Role Of The Bar Sofa And The Purchase Of Introduction

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In The Bar Furniture, The Role Of The Bar Sofa And The Purchase Of Introduction

People’s living standards, enjoy life is also people’s attention, bar furniture demand is also growing, choose unique bar furniture can decorate a comfortable bar environment, then, i’ll introduce you to the bar furniture in the role of bar sofas and shopping skills.

一.The role of the bar sofa

1.From the style of the bar sofa, in addition to the Chinese bar sofa, there are American bar sofa, Japanese bar sofa, European bar sofa, Korean bar sofa, etc. , Chinese bar sofa outside the frame more use of solid wood material, above, put can be taken off at will sponge pad, can be replaced according to the season, American sofa lines are rough,

Color selection is relatively soft, the shape is relatively wide, sitting to comfortable-based, in the choice of fabrics to green-oriented fabrics.

2.The biggest feature of the bar sofa is its small and exquisite, and has a strong home style and what is the pastoral style of nature, suitable for modern family placement and what is the use of some office space, such sofas look small, but very high quality, in the material environmental protection and high quality have a unique study, taste and quality.

二.bar sofa shopping skills

1.Look at the sofa skeleton is not strong, this is related to the life and quality of the sofa to ensure.

The specific method is to lift one end of the 3 people sofa, pay attention to when lifting part of the ground 10cm, the other side of the leg is not off the ground, only the other side is also off the ground, the inspection is only passed.

2.Look at the quality of the sofa filling material, the specific method is to press the sofa armrest and back, if you can significantly feel the existence of the wooden frame, it is proved that the sofa fill density is not high, elasticity is not good enough.

3.Test the rebound force of the sofa, the specific method is to let the body sit in a free-falling sofa, the body at least by the sofa cushion bounced more than 2 times, in order to ensure that this set of sofa elasticity is good, and the life will be longer.

4.Pattention to the details of the sofa processing, open the zipper of the supporting pillow, inspect and touch the lining and fillers inside by hand; A good sofa is also refined in some details.

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