Introduction To The Principles Of Bar Furniture Design

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Introduction To The Principles Of Bar Furniture Design

Bar furniture design is the soul of the whole decoration project, the design requirements are the need to meet everyone’s needs. In the decoration design bar furniture design is relatively unique, especially in the space design can reflect this.
Today we want to share with you the design principles of the layout of the bar furniture.

In the bar furniture decoration space determination generally need to follow the following principles

1. The space layout should be reasonable, the bar space is certain, how to make our design in the limited space to accommodate more people? Some bars like to divide the entire bar into several areas when it comes to designing, giving guests a feeling of a private room. Such a bar space is designed to be determined by the number of guests in different areas. The space design is too small to give people a relaxed feeling, the space is too large to give a feeling of empty, but also to make guests do not feel crowded and disorderly, but also to meet the requirements of the guests on the environment.
So how big our bar space is designed, it has to be designed according to this principle.

Introduction To The Principles Of Bar Furniture Design

2.In the layout design pay attention to the design of the bar walkway we walkway is not easy to narrow, should be easy to walk.

3.In the bar layout design should also pay attention to the choice of bar location We design when the guests generally walk towards the bar, then you should be able to see the location of the bar, feel the existence of the bar. For this point the bar should be set in the most prominent position.
The location of the bar should be for the bar from different angles of the guests should be able to provide a fast service, but also to facilitate the service of the waiter.

4. In our bar decoration design layout design also need to consider is our layout design to have a more clear design style.
Only the positioning is accurate, so that it is convenient for our decoration design.

Introduction To The Principles Of Bar Furniture Design

5. A bar space processing scale will give people a sense of intimacy, in the face of this space design principle, our decoration designers often use the method is what? In order to achieve this design requirements of our decoration design is mainly from the space of those ornaments to start. For example, some art skits can be used to reflect a strong personality characteristics. Many bars in the decoration design of its space decoration problems are flashy decoration, very wasteful money and decoration design is not clean.
Beauty and practical weight, pay attention to the appearance of beauty and ignore its practicality is a lot of bar space decoration in the phenomenon.

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