Pick Bar Furniture And Know What To Buy The Bar Table

Posted by admin on July 15, 2019 in Bar Furniture Customization

Pick Bar Furniture And Know What To Buy The Bar Table

The demand for bar furniture is high, because the improvement of people’s living standards, it is already common to go to the bar consumption. It’s important to buy the best bar furniture.
The quality of bar furniture directly affect the layout of the bar.

The bar table is the most important piece of furniture . When a bar opens or the bar is renovated, it’s always hard to choose when faced with a bar table that’s in full of furniture markets.

If you’re worried about buying a bar table, check out the following methods to help choose the best bar furniture.

Pick Bar Furniture And Know What To Buy The Bar Table

1.The bar table four feet to smooth Does your bar table land on three legs? Four feet instability is the main cause of bar table loose, damage. And cause the bar table four foot unstable factors have a lot of, there are design problems, processing problems, as well as material problems.
There are a lot of bar tables in the finished product is four feet smooth, but after a while the table deformation, and ultimately lead to bar table four feet unstable, because the use of the bar table wood moisture content is not up to standard caused. Therefore, the purchase of bar tables must check the quality inspection report issued by the merchant, to see if they make bar table wood moisture content is up to standard.

2. Bar table link problem The links between the bar table are multi-faceted, including the link between the table rack and the table rack, the link between the table rack and the tabletop, and the stitching of the tabletop. These connections turn a piece of raw material into a bar table product that ultimately allows us to use it.
In the process of making a bar table, the connection process of the bar table is always a top priority. When shopping for bar tables, be aware that the connectivity between the tabletop and the seat is flat, tight and seamless, whether the connection between the base frame and the countertop is secure and reliable, and whether the connection of the bottom frame is load-bearing.

Pick Bar Furniture And Know What To Buy The Bar Table

3.Bar table bag side situation It has to be admitted that the side-of-the-bar craft of the bar table is a vulnerable item for every bar table manufacturer. In addition to the introduction of foreign advanced processing equipment and processing technology of a small number of strength manufacturers, most other factories in the bar table bag edge technology are prone to defects.

This makes the bar table bag situation become the focus of the owners when buying bar tables. Bar table edge process is best to use round edge seal, pay attention to the following edge when the right angle, diamond angle seal, or round. And pay attention to whether the bar table bag edge is flat, there is no upturn, cracking phenomenon. And with the nail nailed the corner is nailed in place, whether it affects the beauty.


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