Unique Bar Furniture – Solid Wood Bar Chair Purchase Method

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Unique Bar Furniture - Solid Wood Bar Chair Purchase Method

Solid wood bar chair is the first choice when buying bar furniture, it is not only high-end in the bar, but also very good in quality, for environmental protection this aspect is also very in place, to buy the best bar furniture, choose good quality bar chair, need to know this knowledge in advance, the next small editor to get to know specifically,

Solid wood bar chair shopping method? Solid wood bar chair purchase attention to what? I hope the following article introduction can help you.

Unique Bar Furniture - Solid Wood Bar Chair Purchase Method

I. Real wood bar chair shopping method

1. When buying solid wood bar chairs, look at, first look at the other side of the table (lower wood frame), the chair should turn over to see the other side, focusing on the surrounding edge and wood cross-section (wood is cross-section).If it is a sticker, you can usually see it (it must be taken slowly and taken seriously).

2.When buying a solid wood bar chair, smell it, and smell it with your nose, and recognize it with the smell of wood or the smell of paint or glue.

3. Solid wood bar chair to buy, shallow, there is to choose solid wood furniture is easy to choose light color. Generally speaking, real solid wood furniture does not cover the thick color.Unless those are really fake.

4. Solid wood bar chair when buying, price, but can say that the real solid wood furniture price is very high, depending on what wood is.
For example, a real solid wooden dining table of 1.2 meters may not be purchased for a few hundred dollars.

Unique Bar Furniture - Solid Wood Bar Chair Purchase Method

II. Solid wood bar chair purchase attention to what

1. The first condition for choosing a bar chair is to use the bar area. If the bar is large, you can choose a bar chair that is rich in texture and suitable for space.If the bar is limited in size and the number of people eating is uncertain, you can choose a folding or retractable bar chair.

2. The second is to see the style, the style of the bar chair is most in line with the decoration of the restaurant. If you’re not sure, it’s a good idea to choose a table with the same style. In terms of relative shape, round tables are suitable for smaller square restaurants, and the family’s democratic atmosphere is even stronger. The rectangular dining table looks atmospheric and suitable for families who often party.
The square table is usually smaller and looks warmer.

3.Pay attention to the internal design, in fact, for the bar chair, it can rotate, its rotation principle is to add a gas rod in the interior, different levels of air rod rotation strength is different, and for good for the gas rod, its safety factor is relatively high, so choose to choose a good brand to ensure quality problems.

III. What is the classification of bar chairs?

1. Mung Bean Bud Bar Chair: Mung Bean Bud Bar Chair This is a very unique bar furniture. Green bean sprout bar chair hollow craft seats, high-grade materials, to ensure product quality, bird’s nest design, beautiful design, comfortable sitting posture, consider the overall aesthetic, from the details, highlighting fineness and product detail.Good comprehensive, impact-resistant, easy to wipe, anti-aging, durable, quality improvement, super-sensitive metal handle, strong and practical.

2. Enjoy the bar chair: beautiful shape, exquisite workmanship, sturdy, so that the customer’s feet have a comfortable foothold, is a whole day sitting more comfortable. Bar chair mats are wrapped in a stylish and comfortable style, exquisitework, meticulous workmanship and durability. Simple and stylish semi-circular footstool, lightweight and convenient.This bar chair as a bar furniture decoration, in the appearance is very beautiful.

Solid wood bar chair shopping, do not know what methods, there is need to pay attention to what, the above article is about the solid wood bar chair shopping method and solid wood bar chair purchase notes.

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