What Are The Design Styles Of The Wine Cabinet In The Unique Bar Furniture?

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What Are The Design Styles Of The Wine Cabinet In The Unique Bar Furniture?

A good bar, need to be decorated with different bar furniture, choose best furniture in line with the style of the bar can bring comfort to the overall layout of the bar.
Different styles of bar furniture give the bar a different visual feel. Wine cabinet is an important furniture of bar furniture, wine cabinet different styles of selection is also very important.
So, do you know what the design style of the wine cabinet is?

The European wine cabinet is designed in a largely French style, Italian style and Spanish style.

What Are The Design Styles Of The Wine Cabinet In The Unique Bar Furniture?

一.French style wine cabinet

France is a romantic country, so french-style wine cabinets can also reflect a romantic atmosphere. Its overall design with the French court’s classical legacy, the French-style wine cabinet will be designed with a delicate gold pattern, and then use some old crack white primer, can cleverly highlight the French romance.
French-style wine cabinets can be placed in Korean-style and white European-style houses .

二.Italian style wine cabinet

The Italian-style wine cabinet features classic and handcrafted. As the capital of a luxury brand, Italy’s wine cabinet product culture is full of luxury. In the decoration will need to take into account the overall decoration style, as well as the details of the wine cabinet.
Its hand-polished wine cabinets are a showcase and are well suited to the interior, which is close to luxurious in the overall style.

三.Spanish style wine cabinet

The biggest feature of the Spanish-style wine cabinet uses engraving technology, the overall design line of the whole wine cabinet is very simple, but the relief and details of the treatment is extremely meticulous, often can be seen in the Spanish-style wine cabinet body a variety of spiral columns and exotic animal images. Spanish style and ordinary European style is not the same, it is not mainly luxury, but to a variety of artistic combination as the center, so users can choose according to their own preferences.

What Are The Design Styles Of The Wine Cabinet In The Unique Bar Furniture?

四.Minimalist European wine cabinet

European wine cabinet is what we say Western wine cabinet, it is mainly in the European display cabinet based on the addition of wine rack combination.
European wine cabinets and other European-style furniture, the use of color mainly white or beige such a plain color. European wine cabinet with simple elegance for the overall design, European-style representative elements of Roman decorative lines and decorative columns interspersed in the top of the wine cabinet and the junction of both sides. The design of the lower half of the European wine cabinet, and the simple design of the Chinese wine cabinet is different, the European-style design out of the wooden cover door to complex, stacked as the design elements, it can highlight the overall sense of three-dimensional and layered, the entire European wine cabinet exudes elegant temperament.

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